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Xylophane renewable barrier material gets €1.7m from EU

Xylophane has been granted €1.7m for its renewable barrier material from the European Union (EU) program, LIFE+.

Within the framework of the four-year project, RenewPACK, Xylophane shall show industrial production, use of the material for food packaging and demonstrate the environmental benefits of the packaging material, according to the company.

Xylophane managing director Håkan Grubb said the support that the company is getting through LIFE+ makes it possible to scale-up its technology.

"In turn, this also means that we are one step closer to a commercial product and that our customers can benefit from the advantages of our renewable barrier material," Grubb said.

Xylophane, founded in 2004, has developed patented barrier materials for foodstuffs, etc.