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Westpark Recycling Center unveils recycling machine

Westpark Recycling Center launched a recycling machine which reduces polystyrene foam at a ratio of 40 to 1, making it economically viable for shipping and feasible to recycle.

Workers demonstrated the compactor once it was unveiled, putting large blocks of foam into a hopper while the city mayor and other officials received the recycled product.

The recycled 4"by 4" blocks are considerably denser and heavier than normal blocks of polystyrene. The compacted foam can take place of wood for several uses.

According to the director of solid waste management, Houston handles about 1,000 pounds of polystyrene foam each month.

According to the mayor, Houston is the sole user of such a compactor across the region, and the second one in Texas.

The machine was donated to the city by Total Petrochemicals & Refining.