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Ways to sell food products using scent

The scent of warm bread baking or a savory stew simmering has the ability to make your mouth water and trigger hunger pangs. Food companies have tried to use the power of smell to sell products by stimulating you into craving the foods offered by their company.

These unique methods of triggering cravings using scents are among the most original in the business of selling food.

Pepsi designed a way for consumers to smell their products before purchase by adding scented gelatin pods to the top of their drinks and other products.

The scented pods are then accessed through a special lid that is placed over the actual product so that customers can catch the scent without damaging the integrity of the product. While this new design isn’t being used for commercial products yet, it may be a common staple on products in the future.

The familiar smells of food wafting through the air has long been a draw for hungry customers. Companies looking to expand their sales are now taking advantage of food smells by installing fragrance dispensers near the foods that they want to sell.

For example, Net Cost installed scent dispensers that send out the scent of grapefruit and chocolate to encourage customers to buy products. As it turns out, these scent dispensers have increased sales in the departments where they are used to boost sales.

McCain Foods is also using scents to sell their products by placing dispensers near potato products that send out the smell of baked potatoes when activated by customers.

Scented billboards have also been used to promote sales and trigger cravings in consumers.

The ‘Got Milk?’ campaign utilized a cookie scented billboard to remind customers of the cold, refreshing taste of milk in San Francisco. While customers didn’t have a positive response to the milk advertising, Domino’s Pizza may be even more unique and confusing in their attempt to sell through scent. Dominos introduced a scented sticker that is placed on DVDs, which are heated when played.

The heat sends out the smell of fresh, hot pizza from the player, which the company hopes will entice customers to place their order during movie night.