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Vpak launches third-generation Tru-Def Video-In-Print screens

Vpak has released the third generation Tru-Def video-in-print screens using latest in screen resolution technology.

Vpak now offers more screen size and resolution options than anyone in the Video-In-Print industry

"With this improvement in screen technology, we are offering the best screens in the industry to our clients," said Rob Likoff, CEO of Vpak.

"Vpak has always led the industry in Innovation and this reinforces our commitment to bringing continuous improvement to this field. Compared to the older screens that other manufacturers utilize, our new technology offers up to a seven-fold increase in resolution — resulting in a much more vivid and engaging experience.This chart clearly demonstrates the difference:

"We are pleased to be the only manufacturer to offer this technology, and proud to be leading the industry in Video-In-Print Innovation," said Richard Weber, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer for Vpak.

"In addition to increasing the resolution to these higher levels, we are adding new screen sizes such as the new 4.5" to offer our clients even more choices to meet their individual requirements.  Our new technology truly brings to life the old proverb: 'THIS picture is truly worth a thousand words'."

The third-generation Tru-Def screens are currently available as 4.5", 4.8" 7.0" (16:9 aspect ratio) and 7.0" (4:3 aspect ratio).