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Vitalah to showcase new capsule formulas at Natural Products Expo West 2018

Vitalah is set to showcase its new capsule formulas at the upcoming 2018 Natural Products Expo West Trade Show, scheduled to be held between March 9 and 11 at the Convention Center located in Anaheim, California, US.

Vitalah, the maker of Oxylent multivitamin drink, will be showcase its Multivitamin & Mineral + Superfood Formula for Men, Multivitamin & Mineral + Superfood Formula for Women, Restorative† Formula + Antioxidants, Memory† Formula + Cognizin and Restorative Formula + Antioxidants at the expo.

The Multivitamin & Mineral + Superfood Formula for Men claims to offer a complete multivitamin and mineral profile with Synergized Superfoods.

The formula also includes supplementary ingredients such as Maca root powder and Tribulus extract for higher energy levels, physical performance and overall wellness in men.

Vitalah's Multivitamin & Mineral + Superfood Formula for women offers a complete multivitamin and mineral profile with Synergized Superfoods.

It includes ingredients such as marine collagen and resveratrol. These offer additional antioxidant support, healthy aging and support energy levels along with overall wellness in women.

The Oxylent Memory Formula Cognizin is said to be an all natural cognitive supplement that can support brain health, mental clarity and alertness. It offers Cognizin Citicoline, a clinically studied nutrient along with other ingredients such as Phosphatidyl Choline, Huperzine A, Yerba Maté, Ginseng Root, Gingko Biloba and Green Tea Leaf.

Oxylent Restorative† Formula + Antioxidants is a blend of natural herbs and antioxidants that support a healthy restoration. It claims to assist in healthy inflammation and recovery by the use of ingredients such as Turmeric and Curcumin which provide inflammatory response.

Other antioxidant ingredients include Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and AuroraBlue Wild Alaskan Blueberries can offer defence against free radicals.

Oxylent founder and CEO, Lisa Lent said: "We are excited to continue the expansion of our award-winning effervescent line with our new capsule formulas at the big event!

“We wanted to ensure we offer our valued customers alternative delivery forms and formulas with unique packaging that represents organic superfoods, natural ingredients and a wholesome lifestyle.”