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Unger Meat adopts vacuum-based FreshCases for beef

Unger Meat has chosen FreshCases, a vacuum-based packaging offered by Curwood for ground beef products sold at retailers.

According to Curwood, the new packaging solution is the first-ever vacuum package for red meat that preserves its fresh color.

Longer shelf life and the appearance reduces wastage and increases the availability of proteins, the firm claimed.

Unger Meat vice president operations Jeremy Turnquist said the trays were appealing when they were first introduced at the trade show.

FreshCase enables 75% less mark-downs than store-wrapped meats and produces less landfill waste and cuts 75% of packaging materials.

"We had tried vacuum packaging of fresh ground beef for the retail channel in the past, and it just didn’t work because consumers don’t want to see beef that is any other color than red." added Turnquist.