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Ulma Packaging launches flow wrapping machine

Ulma Packaging in the UK has announced the launch of a new operator-less system, which is useful for the trayless flow wrapping of apples and other delicate fruits.

Available in three different modular formats that are based on apples arriving in cardboard boxes, pallet boxes / plastic crates or straight from the grading process, the system is suitable for large, medium and smaller fruit growers.

In the process, all apples arriving for flow wrapping are initially collected from their transit packaging using water, which removes the fruit and prior to optional inspection and packaging, will pass it on onto a two-lane conveyor for subsequent drying using air knives.

The system can also be configured to run with conventionally filled punnets from a de-nester and is useful for the trayless packing of a cross-range of fresh produce. It offers fully automated product handling and packaging and enables in reduction of labor and packaging costs.

Features of the new equipment include vision inspection systems, use of an external interface for remote factory monitoring and fault finding, robotic crate packaging and palletizing.