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TTS to launch metal recycling campaign at Jersey Live-280813

US-based Transport and Technical Services (TTS) is set to launch its next recycling campaign this weekend at its workshop which have been designing and building a larger than life wizard.

This campaign is going to increase the amount of household metal packaging collected for recycling.

The recycling campaign promotes the fact that metal packaging like cans, tin foil and aerosols can be recycled over and over again into other objects like ladders, cars, planes and cans.

The ‘wizard’ has been built using a metal framework which is filled with metal packaging collected from the island’s recycling banks.

Ian Rolls, who worked on TTS’s Mr Robot electrical recycling campaign in 2012, has been overseeing the Wizard design and has upcycled cans to create the wizard’s face and cloak decorations to produce a magical character.

TTS recycling manager Emma Richardson said: "Lots of people recycle their cans but don’t realise that food and drink tins, aerosols, metal jar lids, foil and foil packaging can all be recycled in the household metal packaging banks."

" It is so important for metal to be separated from general rubbish as metals can be recycled over and over and over again, saving energy and raw materials every time. We hope that our new campaign will catch people’s attention and as a result we will collect more metal packaging for recycling," Richardson added.