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Trident unveils new printing technology for packaging

US-based inkjet solutions provider Trident Industrial Inkjet has introduced new 384JetNP printhead and AllWriteA5000 ink for highly decorated packaging on shrink wrap film.

Trident said the new alcohol-based ink solution, delivers high volume and quick drying, as an alternative to traditional label or wax-based printing.

The inkjet technology provides safe and fast-drying performance to display graphics, alphanumerics and barcodes on non-porous packaging such as coated-corrugated and shrink wrapped tray packs.

The 384JetNP printhead provides high-quality printing of graphics and alphanumerics and consistently readable barcodes including code 128 and ITF-14 barcodes with a print height of two inches and printing speeds of 200ft/minute.

The alcohol-based, non-toxic AllWriteA5000 dries in less than 10 seconds unassisted and in less than five seconds with air assist (substrate dependent).

The company said the new technology is ideally suited for printing on non-porous packaging materials for a variety of food, beverage, wine, personal care, medical and nutraceutical applications.

The 384JetNP features a rugged, industrial design with features like stainless steel construction that reduces production downtime and can lead to long-term savings on printhead replacement costs.