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Toppan Printing develops new shrink wrap package for toiletries industry

Japan-based Toppan Printing has developed a new shrink wrap package in which the cardboard is made into a carton shape and the shrink film is attached to the inside of the carton. The packaging is widely used for items such as cosmetics and toiletries products.

In the new package, the content is wrapped with a film that shrinks when it is heated and the film is attached to a piece of cardboard. The packaging is eco-friendly compared to packaging using molded plastic due to the reduction in the use of resin.

With this new package, the film on the inside of the carton is opened when the outer carton part is opened and it is easy to remove the contents. Decorative qualities can also be improved with a wide range of designs, as the area available for printing is greater compared to traditional shrink wrap packaging with cardboard.

In the new package form, the shrink film is attached to the inside of cardboard in the shape of a carton. Besides, as the area available for printing is greater against the previous shrink wrap packaging with cardboard, it is possible to improve decorative qualities with a wide range of designs.

Sales of the new packaging are expected to begin in mid-September 2012.

Toppan Printing further plans to expand sales of the new form of packaging to the food, medical, pharmaceutical and electrical goods industries.