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Toppan Printing develops laminated packaging material

Toppan Printing has developed a laminated packaging material that uses biomass polyethylene film (biomass PE) with a thickness of less than 40µm. The flexible packaging material, a new product in the company’s series of BIOAXX products, is used for items such as food and medicines.

According to the Japanese company, the material uses plant-derived raw materials but maintains performance, which is similar to conventional petroleum-based products in terms of properties such as seal strength and laminating strength.

Biomass plastic is a renewable resource that uses plant-derived raw materials and can be used sustainably. The environmentally friendly material enables a reduction in the volume of oil and other fossil resources used.

Toppan Printing aims to begin mass production of the product in the spring of 2013 and will also promote the expansion of the BIOAXX series to other applications such as plastic molded products and plastic cards.