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TMA raises concerns over plain tobacco packs in UK

The Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association (TMA) said that plain tobacco packaging would hurt UK business.

Terming plans to launch plain tobacco packs in Britain an "assault on UK business," TMA said it would only help drive up the sales of smuggled tobaaco.

This concern follows Australian High Court’s decision to uphold that nation’s government law to make packaging plain by removing brand colors and logos.

A government consultation on enforcing similar laws took place on August 10 in UK.

TMA secretary general Jaine Chisholm Caunt, said plain packs would be far easier to ape, and thus would be a gift to the criminal gangs indulging in illegal trade in tobacco, which will rob UK treasury of revenues of £8.5m per day.

"At best, plain packaging will have no impact on youth smoking, as there is no credible evidence that packaging is a factor in underage smoking. At worst, it could actually increase youth smoking, by driving the availability of smuggled tobacco being sold by criminals in local communities," said Caunt.