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Thiele launches new automated packaging system

Thiele Technologies has announced the launch of its new automated packaging system Slidell PowderPacker Pro that offers virtually dust-free bagging for difficult to handle powders.

The new Pro uses a Slidell design based on the 3109 and 3110 models, enhances it with the latest in design and technology and uses a vertical auger system to maintain constant bag top control, from bag pick up through sealing, with dust control capabilities.

The system handles products including dry soy food ingredients, calcium carbonate, polyethylene glycol, IPA and TMA products, molecular sieve zeolite, stellar, plastic powder, flour, titanium dioxide, resins and pigments.

According to the US-based company, the packaging system comes with an updated user-friendly touchscreen and Allen-Bradley controls that make operation simple and reduce learning time and operator error. It also handles pinch bottom, open mouth and recyclable plastic bags.

Thiele marketing and sales vice president Kip Boie commenting on the new product said: "This product launch is a natural next step for the product line."