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Stora Enso unveils microwaveable and ovenproof fish packaging

Finland-based paper, packaging and wood products company Stora Enso has launched a new microwaveable and ovenproof DeLight modified atmosphere packaging for the fish market.

The DeLight packaging will first be used for fish processing company V. Hukkanen’s Kalaneuvos marinated salmon strips. In the near future, the selection will also include new salmon and rainbow trout products.

Stora Enso stated that the more environmentally-friendly board package replaces the old aluminium tray.

V. Hukkanen managing director Veijo Hukkanen said that the DeLight tray can be heated in the oven or microwave, so the food can be cooked conveniently in the package it comes in.

“The package is sturdy and nice to hold. Afterwards, the tray can easily be washed and recycled, in the same way as juice and milk cartons.”

According to Hukkanen, the environmental benefits, such as a smaller carbon footprint, recyclability and a material partly based on a renewable natural resource, were also important reasons behind the packaging reform.