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Standard-Knapp unveils new Pic-N-Place module

Packaging machinery manufacturer in the US, Standard-Knapp has announced the launch of its new Pic-N-Place module, which can be easily retrofitted onto existing 939S and 949S Versatron case packers

The company’s new two-axis, servo-controlled Pic-N-Place module picks the product from the infeed conveyor and places it into the bottom of the empty case gently.

According to the company, the module has been engineered to grab a product in the secure position or spot, and features various heavy-duty grippers for soft handling and optimum control of the entire pack of product.

The Pic-N-Place module acts similarly to a human’s arms offering smooth operation and the gripping action as well as the distance the product travels into the case is set from the human machine interface (HMI).

The color-coded docking station of the module provides easy change over, a slide-on lock and couplings that have been designed for positive and no error connections.