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SPI Group creates new limited-edition packaging for vodka

US-based liquor supplier SPI Group has introduced a limited edition Stollichnaya vodka with a new package design in the duty-free market. The Group has worked with New York-based artist Yuri Gorbachev to create this limited edition for unspecified number of bottles featuring the artist’s work on the label.

The label reflects the artist’s style and carries his signature, and is intended to ensure maximum shelf stand-out quality for the brand and to answer the growing demand for innovation and original offerings, according to the supplier.

Artist Yuri Gorbachev explained that his limited-edition Stolichnaya label incorporates the four elements earth, air, water and fire that join together to make Stoli one of the world’s most distinctive vodkas. Earth and water feed the grain, which gains strength from the clean air, while fire represents the passionate spirit of Stoli.

SPI Group partner Andrey Skurikhin said that the new design will guarantee a unique presence for Stolichnaya in the duty-free environment.

“We are confident that consumers will react well to the exclusive label and see it as a unique purchase or collectible gift during the busy seasonal period,” Skurikhin added.