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South African cabinet approves ‘Made in Palestine’ labeling for products

The South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has approved the ‘Made in Palestine’ labeling for products coming from Israeli occupied territories to provide information about their country of origin.

Cabinet spokesperson Jimmy Manyi said cabinet approved that a notice in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, 2008 is issued by the Minister of Trade and Industry requiring the labeling of goods or products to prevent consumers being led to believe that they come from Israel.

"This is in line with South Africa’s stance that recognises the 1948 borders delineated by the United Nations and does not recognise occupied territories beyond these borders as being part of the state of Israel," Manyi added.

Earlier, the DTI issued Notice 379 for comment from public with regard to labeling of products claimed to be originating in the Palestinian territory occupied by Israeli forces.

The department also insists that the move should not be considered as a call for a boycott of Israeli products but should be seen as an attempt to ensure that South African consumers are provided with accurate information pertaining to the country of origin to make their own choice.