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Sirane’s new packaging film extends shelf-life for foods

Sirane’s new packaging film Sira-Flex Resolve has extended considerably shelf-life of celery and herbs during a Spanish producer’s trials.

It took celery, spinach, coriander and parsley to turn huge after a period of 44 days when held in cold storage.

It was an increase over five days on alternative forms of packaging for celery and 10 days beyond without packaging, and for the herbs it was an increase of more than five days on what was achieved with different packaging.

Discoloration and odor were said to have been slowed down by the use of the bags.

Sirane fresh produce sales manager Sandra Evans this testifies the properties of Sira-Flex Resolve.

"We know Sira-Flex™ Resolve® has some remarkable properties, and we’ve had people running trials around the world, many of whom are now starting to share their results," said Evans.

Sirane’s Sira-Flex Resolve is a new film which has been developed to have the proper balance between humidity control and O2 and CO2 permeability, said the company.

As the permeability is temperature dependant, the right atmosphere is maintained inside the pack even if the storage temperature is variable.