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Sirane unveils Sira-Flex Resolve films range for fresh produce

Sirane packaging films has conducted the trial runs for Sira-Flex Resolve with UK distributors that it claims revealed double the shelf-life for produce like leeks and cauliflowers.

The Sira-Flex Resolve wrapping for packaging fresh produce exhibited a shelf-life extension of more than 20 days as more trials are on the go, claimed the firm.

Humidity control and O2 and CO2 permeability are optimally balanced in the film, as a definite temperature has to be maintained in the pack even if the storage temperature is not constant.

According to the firm, the unique structure implies varied results on shelf-life extension and as those are very specific to the conditions, it is difficult to advise on just what the shelf-life extension potential is.

Sirane managing director Simon Balderson said when long distances in road are covered in high temperatures, make for a short shelf life.

"Initial tests using the film showed the produce had a remarkable shelf-life extension when compared with existing products. We await further trials with interest." added Balderson.