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Sirane introduces new food packaging technology

UK-based packaging firm Sirane has introduced new food packaging equipment, the Sira-Cook PA for meat, fish and poultry.

Sira-Cook PA

The technology can be used to package, ship and retail the food products in the same package made of the nylon material, which is claimed to absorb the fat released during cooking to offer ensuring crisp and clean food.

The machine is said to be capable of reducing cooking times as well as prevents the meat drying out, while processing about 40 chickens per minute.

Sirane food packaging sales director Jeremy Haydn-Davies said packaging chickens in nylon roasting bags is a great way to add value to the retail product.

"Using a nylon roasting bag, the meat stays succulent in the bag, along with all the flavors," Haydn-Davies said.

Extra ingredients, such as herbs, sauces and spices can also be added to the bag coneveniently.

Later on, the Sira-Cook PA roasting bag can be tied or heat-sealed ready for transportation in a bag that the customer can put straight into the oven and cook.

According to the company, the bags are strong and will not go brittle during cooking, and need to be pierced on the top prior to cooking.

The new nylon bags can be used for cooking chicken, turkey and other large joints of meat including whole salmon.


Image: Sira-Cook PA with packaged chicken. Photo: Courtesy of Sirane.