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Sirane introduces new ethylene-absorbing patch

UK-based packaging development firm Sirane has introduced Dri-Fresh Fresh-Hold EA labels, which is claimed to increase the shelf-life of packaged fruits and vegetables.

Dri-Fresh Fresh-Hold EA is an ethylene-absorbing patch that slows down the degradation process by trapping the ethylene released by the fruits and vegetables.

Sirane MD Simon Balderson said many fruit and vegetables naturally produce ethylene, and unfortunately allowing that ethylene to remain within the packaging will speed up the ‘aging-process’ and ultimately cause a quicker rate of degradation.

"Our Dri-Fresh Fresh-Hold EA labels are a simple, very effective and cost-effective solution to the problems caused by ethylene within fresh produce packaging," Balderson added.

"A lot of the fresh produce where ethylene is a problem is also the produce that is shipped the furthest, in some cases covering vast distances before it is finally sold."

According to the company, the new patch is available in a number of formats and can be kept hidden if required.

The odor-absorbing patch can be integrated with types of packaging including pads, bags, films or cartons/trays and can be customized to meet user requirements, the company said.