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Sidel to introduce new Predis technology

Sidel is all set to introduce its latest version of Combi Predis FMa for single-serve bottles, in an effort to meet the needs of the sensitive beverages industry for reduced operational costs and higher sustainability.

The company said it has refined its aseptic Combi Predis FMa technology to address the growing demand of aseptic filling of teas, juices, nectars and isotonics. It can handle up to 48,000 bottles per hour for small containers of up to 700ml, used mainly for on-the-go consumption and is the ideal solution for markets that require high output.

Suitable for aseptic bottling of any kind of beverages whether low or high acid, the Combi Predis FMa technology replaces bottle rinsing by dry preforms decontamination using hydrogen peroxide.

Predis dry solution requires no water and creates no effluent, saving 250 cubic meters of water and 200l of chemicals used daily on a traditional aseptic bottling line. Dry preforms decontamination also reduces annual operating costs by 30% as compared to traditional dry bottle decontamination.

According to Sidel, the technology enables sterilization of all types of preforms and caps and is available in different configurations. It combines bottle blow molding, filling and capping in a single system and ensures good hygiene standards.

The technology further offers advantages including energy savings, a smaller footprint and the potential for lighter bottles.