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Sidel develops ‘StarLite’ PET bottle base for still drinks

Global PET solutions provider Sidel has developed the new StarLite bottle base for still drinks with a shape that increases the base resistance and stability.

The new PET bottle base is suited for water and juices especially, and under certain conditions can also be used for other still beverages. It can improve bottle rigidity and minimize package weight as well as energy consumption during production.

The Sidel StarLite bottle base uses two PET design innovations: the Edge Beam, a specific groove structure that improves base stiffness; and the Smart Disc, a disc structure that reinforces the base to prevent deformation.

According to Sidel, the bottle base can be retrofitted into existing bottle designs and shapes, and applied to existing production lines, using the company’s accompanying StarLite mold bases.

In tests conducted by the company’s packaging experts, if was found that the StarLite design resulted in up to a 30% increase in top-load dent resistance when the bottle is on a pallet.

When the bottle is on a conveyor or in a vending machine, up to a 55% increase was seen in side-load resistance.

Tests also revealed that in 50°C conditions the bottle lasted up to 25 days without bottle deformation, and recorded up to a 50% decrease in base rollout under frozen conditions.

Claimed to be compatible with nitrogen drop technology, the base further increases lightweighting opportunities. StarLite can replace the traditional mini-petaloide base, which is associated with carbonated soft drinks usually.

Sidel Packaging & Tooling vice president Vincent Le Guen said, "The new Sidel StarLite™ base enables you to both reduce package weight and blowing pressure, and actually increase base resistance to deformation."