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Sappi Waste Paper renamed as Sappi ReFibre

South African paper and packaging group Sappi has renamed and re-launched its secondary fibre division to Sappi ReFibre from its earlier Sappi Waste Paper. This division is part of Sappi Kraft.

Sappi ReFibre is responsible for the recycling of used paper and paper products and it forms part of Sappi’s commitment to facilitate the recycling of paper and the minimisation of waste.

Sappi ReFibre procures board and paper for recycling from an extensive network of agents across the country. This is sourced directly from homes, offices, wholesalers and retailers, as well as from manufacturers in both the formal and informal sectors.

For Sappi, recovered board and paper is a valuable resource where it is used to supplement virgin fibre in the papermaking process. Many of Sappi’s papers contain recycled fibres, and one of the group’s mills, the Cape Kraft Mill, uses only recovered paper and board in its manufacturing process.