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SABIC optimizes multi-layer film concept for packaging applications

SABIC, a producer of plastics and chemicals, has optimized its existing multi-layer film concept for packaging applications of up to five layers or more in the beverage sector.

The sustainable multi-layer film concept is made with a combination of resins including a new material called SABIC LDPE 2801TH00W for additional downgauging and increased output.

According to the company, SABIC LDPE 2801TH00W offers increased stiffness and better optical properties, machinability and performance.

With this concept, food packaging producers can create property configurations in order to meet the specific needs of brand owners as well as the demands of the consumer.

The new multi-layer concept allows producers to raise their production capacity by up to 1,000kg per hour with a high degree of downgauging possibilities.

With SABIC’s new concept, manufacturers can also improve their product performance with the use of lowest gauge of film while meeting requirements for strength, flexibility, and stiffness.

The company’s multi-layer concept avoids traditional materials and uses light-weight packaging solutions, paving the way for new application areas and levels of sustainability performance.

SABIC LL-LDPE business director Mark Vester said the multi-layer concept provides its customers with a relatively stiff film with thin gauges, helpful in reducing overall resource usage with less waste and costs.

"Our multi-layer concept is unique in its perfect balance of mechanical properties with outstanding extrusion performance for higher production and packaging speeds," added Vester.