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Royston Labels launches new glass labelling service

UK-based labels provider Royston Labels has launched a new glass labelling service, which enables glassware to be embellished with sophisticated raised emblems.

With Label’Glass, standard, off-the-shelf glassware can be changed so that it features raised glass designs

The company also states that when compared to traditional glassware, the new method can be highly cost efficient and effective. This method can also remove many of the obstacles faced by smaller companies, when it comes to decorating glassware.

Royston Labels is bringing a new range of options through the Label’Glass service. The precise needs of clients and the complexities of the brief can now be met along with their simpler options.

Label’Glass is a technique which achieves a sleek and sophisticated raised effect which is similar to label emobossing, but it is produced on a glass surface instead of paper. This service can add texture, depth and the mark of high quality manufacturing for all kinds of glass containers ranging from wine bottles to face cream jars.

In October, the company stated that it will be moving to its new facility next year. Presently, the company operates across four different facilities, factories and offices. The move to relocate to a new central site is considered to be the next step for Royston.

The new building is expected to be a state-of-the-art production facility, specifically designed to facilitate greater efficiency and sustainable growth over the next few years.

Image: Royston’s new glass labelling service is named Label’Glass. Photo: Courtesy of Royston Labels.