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RONA and NRC merge to form North American Recycling Coalition

Two major recycling organizations in North America, The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) and Recycling Organizations of North America (RONA,) plan to merge into a single entity that will be known as the North American Recycling Coalition.

The move will provide a common framework for advancement of recycling and sustainability, according to the joint statement of RONA chairman Marjorie Griek and NRC president Mark Lichenstein, reported

A draft has been developed by boards of both the companies that covers the mission, vision and the statement of their beliefs.

"We will be driving this [working] group to finalize the formation of the new NRC, not deliberating over whether the formation should occur." the joint statement said.

Immediate measures needed to tackle recycling issues would be spelled out by the working group to be implemented smoothly.

Both organizations would work towards a positive change with North America’s current materials management system, the firms claimed.