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Romaco to showcase packaging solutions at Pharmtech 2013

Romaco Technologies will showcase new primary and secondary packaging solutions of Siebler, Bosspak and Promatic at the Pharmtech exhibition in Moscow, Russia, which will held between 25 to 28 November 2013.

Romaco will also exhibit vacuum processing technology of FrymaKoruma in the event.

Siebler HM 1/230 vertical heat-sealing machine is available in four different versions, which include eco, vertical, horizontal and extended.

The vertical heat-sealing machine is used to pack compressed products and capsules with decisive benefits for the contract packaging sector, and is expected to produce 3600 four-side sealed foil packs a minute.

Bosspak RTC electronic tablet and capsule counter will be used to scan the products from all sides, and will help to increase the count zone by 100%.

The damaged pharmaceutical solids or food supplements will be detected by the Bosspak system and removed from the filling process, while the Bosspak RTC machine counts at a rate of up to 200 bottles a minute.

Promatic Bipak vertical cartoner will be used to pack upright products such as bottles, crucibles and various package inserts, and is expected to pack around 100 folding cartons a minute.

FrymaKoruma Dinex Lab vacuum processing unit will be used to equip ointments, lotions, creams or gels, and is expected to improve optimal processing times, droplet distribution and product quality.