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Rogers Family develops new single serve biodegradable coffee product, OneCup BIO

US based coffee and tea manufacturer Rogers Family has developed a new single serve biodegradable coffee product called OneCup BIO.

In an effort to mitigate waste, the company is currently working to make the mesh filter of its coffee product biodegradable. This filter is said to be the only non- biodegradable part of OneCup BIO.

Rogers Family president Jon B. Rogers said, "Coffee lovers can savor their single serve brew knowing that they’re part of the solution instead of tossing one more thing into the landfill problem."

According to the company, its OneCup is made of bio-based material from renewable natural resources such as vegetable oil, various plant starches and tree by-products.

Rogers Family claims that the cup is degradable in an anaerobic environment without any need for sunlight or air and also does not release any measurable toxic residue when exposed to moisture.

Rogers Family vice president John Rogers said the company has achieved its goal of launching biodegradable coffee cup for homes.

"And while we reduced the environmental footprint with a product that had 30 to 35 percent less packaging than other single serve coffees, we felt that was not good enough," Rogers added.