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Rofin offers laser systems for packaging materials

England-based Rofin is extending laser systems that is said to facilitate simple opening and easy ventilation functions in multilayered packaging materials.

A method used to apply easy opening functionality to multilayered materials in packaging is said to be laser scribing, according to

But, Laser scribing, being a contact and wear-free process, guarantees quality and process reliability.

Laser scribing with Rofin laser systems offers a much more flexible solution, said the company.

It allows one to focus on individual film layers of composite packaging material that allows for easy opening functions while leaving layers intact that protect the product from light and humidity.

Easy ventilation functions created with Rofin laser technology are said to be suitable for perforation on packaging, typically used to increase the shelf life of perishables such as salads and fresh produce, or control pressure exchange in microwave ovens.