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Roberts PolyPro to unveil new handle applicator for contract packagers

Roberts PolyPro, a division of Pro Mach, will introduce a new semi-automatic handle applicator, which has been designed to help brand owners and contract packagers enhance production.

According to the company, the applicator, which will be introduced to the Latin American businesses, has 15 to 17 cases-per-minute output.

The machine, with a single operator, can be moved from line to line to accommodate variable production schedules, and has the capacity to apply handles in two-pack configurations as well as three, four, six, and eight-packs.

If a fault condition is detected by the machine, Spanish language audio messages will identify for the operator the most likely cause of the problem and the solution needed to fix it.

Prior to shipment, Roberts PolyPro orients multipack handles and in the case of single bottle handles uses a patented process of welding the handles together before shipment.

The process results in 40% more handles per pallet on average, and the increase in units per pallet considerably decreases shipping costs, improves cube utilization.

The increase also cuts down the amount of corrugated board required, and lowers over-the-road fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.