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Dismiss offers new self-adhesive paper labels has announced the offering of paper permanent self-adhesive paper labels that are acid free and archival safe.

The two label materials include bright white matte paper label, 101700 and high gloss paper label, 101200.

According to, both materials have a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive and better print quality and can be diecut to any desired shape or size.

Archival safe paper, which can be used to label folders, boxes, does not yellow, become brittle or deteriorate like acidic paper.

Claimed to be a restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE ) compliant paper label, 101700 contains a clear acrylic adhesive that can be applied permanently to various surfaces.

Approved by the FDA for indirect food contact, the 101700 material can be printed in both inkjet and laser printers as well as an offset presses.

The 101200 material, which has an acrylic adhesive, has a better laser printability, and can be printed using Indigo, Nexpress, and iGen digital presses. The material’s adhesive is adaptable to many different surfaces including corrugated board.

Both label materials can be used for archive boxes, file folders, or for indirect food labeling, and are available in blank sheets as well as in large format sheets.