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RAKO Etiketten invests in five HP Indigo WS6600s digital presses

German-based RAKO Etiketten purchased five new HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Presses, in a bid to increase efficiency and productivity as benefits are extended to it of digital label printing to a wider market.

The HP Indigo WS6600 has the ILP (In-Line Priming) option, a custom-developed water-based primer that supports standard, untreated paper substrates.

It ensures faster turnaround times by doing away with the extra step of off-line substrate preparation, with increased flexibility and lowered costs.

RAKO Etiketten digital printing manager Roger Gehrke said the new HP Indigo WS6600 presses are twice as fast as the existing instaled models and easier to use.

"The new ability to use standard media as we do in our conventional offset and flexo printing presses is also a huge advantage, reducing inventory costs and overall material costs too," Gehrke said.

According to the company, it is installing the new presses across three facilities in Germany to upgrade its current digital printing capabilities and take advantage of the HP Indigo WS6600’s benefits.

The company is a supplier of labels, packaging and printed labels using digital offset reel-to-reel technology. It produces individual packaging solutions manufactured by flexo, letterpress, silkscreen, offset and digital offset, and gravure, as well as combinations of these printing processes.