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Product Ventures does makeover for SunnyD Bottle

Package designing firm Product Ventures undertook the redesigning of the Sunny Delight Beverages (SDBC) round bottle.

The outcome was SunnyD bottle transforming into a squared-up bottle which is more comfortable to handle and pour, and sits more conveniently in the refrigerator door.

Product Ventures had to address the issue of providing a container size that is larger, besides bettering ergonomics and storability of the bottle.

The new bottle would enhance SDBC’s environmental footprint.

Product Ventures CEO Peter Clarke said they got an opportunity to address the handling and pouring issues of the original bottle by redesigning the jug.

"As a packaging designer, I find it gratifying that SunnyD’s new advertising focuses on the ‘easy to pour – easy to store’ bottle, and places the packaging itself as the centerpiece of the campaign. This is an excellent example of the power of packaging and how it has become the true tangible ambassador of the brand," Clarke added.