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Plastiroll unveils bio-film to prolong life of fresh food products

Finland-based biodegradable films producer, Plastiroll has unveiled a new bio-film, claimed to extend the life of fresh food products such as fruits and vegetables.

According to the company, its transparent packaging film was made from combination of corn starch based materials, which forms a breathable membrane that is biodegradable and ‘gmo-free with good strength properties’, according to

Plastiroll product development manager Jani Avellan said the new bio-film is an ecological alternative to conventional plastic films with similar physical properties.

"For our customers this is a solution that offers significant cost savings through longer shelf life, less waste and lower disposal costs," Avellan said.

The company said the packaging film is sealable and can be used on its own/as part of a carton box /tray and can be easily disposed of along with the food waste