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Pharmatec manufactures new compact system for pharma packaging applications

Pharmatec, a subsidiary of Bosch Packaging Technology has manufactured the new standardized compact system for cleaning and sterilization in place (CIP/SIP).

Designed to meet all customer requirements quickly, the system is ideal for pharmaceutical containers and vessels, as well as for small production accessories including filter units, mills, pumps and hoses.

In order to meet varied customer specifications, the system can be configured with add-on modules. A self-priming return pump and a pharmaceutical-compatible heat exchanger can also be integrated into the existing CIP frame.

Pharmatec project manager Volker Kempf said the modular design and the use of standard components enable a fast system configuration, ensuring better project execution in a short span of time.

The system enables the implementation of the operational qualification (OQ) including spray pattern control, riboflavin testing and temperature mapping (cold spot analysis), along with installation qualification (IQ).

With an hourly flow rate ranging from 500 to 5,000l, the Pharmatec CIP system operates at temperatures up to 90°C.

According to Bosch, the CIP/SIP systems are used for reproducible cleaning and machinery and equipment sterilization.