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Pelican to launch temperature controlled cases

Global manufacturer of case solutions Pelican's BioPharma Division is set to launch a line of virtually indestructible temperature controlled cases for the pharmaceutical and biologics industry, in August 2012.

Pelican Products president and CEO Lyndon Faulkner commenting on the latest announcement said, "We brought the full weight of Pelican science and engineering to create these new transport cases so that temperature sensitive materials, such as critical vaccines and other pharmaceutical materials, will safely and sustainably be accessible around the world."

The new Pelican BioPharma cases will incorporate three features including reusability, temperature control and security and will safeguard sensitive vaccines and other pharmaceutical materials during transit.

Pelican has engineered the cases to deliver more than 140 hours of temperature control compared to conventional shipment options that offer as low as 48 hours. Each of the cases will also be secure and lockable.

Two cases that will lead the launch of a full line of Pelican BioPharma solutions in development include BP 2620 Medium Case featuring 140+ hours between 2.0 to 8.0C and BP 3075 Large Case featuring 140+ hours between 2.0 to 8.0C.