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Pancake Parlour restaurants to use Cardia’s compostable carrier bags

The Pancake Parlour restaurants in Melbourne in partnership with Cardia Bioplastics will implement a ‘go green strategy’ to cut down the carbon footprint using Cardia’s environmentally friendly customer carrier bags.

As part of the strategy, the Pancake Parlour in Victoria will stay away from providing conventional carrier bags to its customers and use conventional waste garbage bags in its restaurants.

As a replacement, Cardia will supply compostable carrier bags to the restaurants, which will be given to customers for the take-away business.

The restaurants will also introduce Cardia’s Biohybrid waste garbage bags for use in its kitchens. The bags use less oil and are said to have a lower carbon footprint.

Cardia Bioplastics chairman Pat Volpe said Pancake, which has evaluated the use of conventional plastic bags and packaging in their restaurants, introduced a self-imposed ban on conventional plastic bags.

"Cardia analysed the uses of conventional plastic packaging and bags in the Pancake Parlour restaurants and formulated a solution where the carbon footprint of each store can now be reduced and at the same time provide environmentally friendly bags and packaging," Volpe added.

The Pancake Parlour will provide carrier bags to its customers, which are certified to compost back into the earth as water and carbon dioxide.

The new bioplastics range of carrier bags and Biohybrid waste garbage bags will be introduced from 1 September 2013.