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Packaging for fresh produce generates bigger revenue: Report

Produce sold in several forms of packaging like clamshells and bags continue to increase amid wide acceptance by consumers, according to the latest data from Nielsen Perishables Group, covering bulk-traditional items like bananas, citrus and avocados.

According to the firm, one trend noticed is the longer-term towards packaging is continuing, while revenue generation is at a bigger proportion to that of the volume of sales, according to

Retailers can conclusively increase packaging as the revenue generated per square foot gets higher, said the firm.

The study reportedly takes into account the period between July 2010 and July 2011.

Sealed Air director of sustainability Ron Potterman said shelf-life is a vital parameter with 75% shrink decrease because of packaging, something which has a positive effect on food supply.

"To many people, packaging is something we have to dispose of and we don’t think of the value of what it did to keep food safe and wholesome," added Potterman.