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Packaging Automation launches new tray sealer for meat, poultry and fish sectors

UK-based Packaging Automation has announced the launch of the new fully electrical eclipse SL4 tray sealer targeted at the meat, poultry and fish sectors. It will minimize the running costs of the user by 90% and requires zero air for full operation.

PASkin packjpg

According to the company, the machine has various capabilities including the option for skin packing, gas flushing and vacuum gas flushing.

The skin system of sealing offers better visibility vacuum packs on a pre-formed tray aimed at enhancing shelf life, better product quality and packaging reduction with the use of a shallow tray.

Packaging Automation claims the eclipse range offers the inside cut option and the capability to run sealing film as thin as 17 micron which reduces film usage by 20%.

The SL4 seals packs at a rate of up to 75 packs per minute and includes an inbuilt tool loading system which allows manual tool changes and accurate docking of electrical and gas connectors, when combined with the lightest tools in the market.

The top tool consists of single impression removable cartridges that enable continued operation during repairs and maintenance. To allow full capacity operation at all times and achievement of complete tool changeover spare cartridges can be supplied.

Simplified operation is demonstrated by a Minimal Operator Interface that eliminates operator errors and improves efficiency by pre-setting all machine parameters, including tool recipe settings and pack handling, at the touch of a button.

The range features tooling heater mats with an integrated thermocouple, which are manufactured from a waterproof material and heat up 30% faster.

A pack crush protection system prevents smashed packs when incoming trays are not orientated properly and quick release cutting blades allow for replacement in seconds.


Image: Packaging Automation’s SL4 tray sealer is launched for the meat, poultry and fish sectors