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Octal unveils new recyclable trays for poultry packaging

Oman-based PET sheet producer Octal has launched the new recyclable DPET-PE trays for the poultry packaging industry. The trays maintain maximum freshness and extend shelf life of the product.

According to the company, its new DPET sheet is said to offer better thermoforming to cater for a variety of shapes and sizes.

The direct-to-sheet process has done away with the energy consuming and defect prone processes to deliver a flawless sheet using a fraction of the energy required earlier.

Based on research conducted by Intertek Expert Services and Renewable Choice Energy, it has been verified that the tray uses 65% less purchased electricity and 28% less on-site thermal energy with 18% lower global warming potential as well as a 30% lower cradle-to-gate environmental footprint.

Claimed to be tougher and crack-resistant, the DPET sheet has been calibrated for high speed production lines to make the form-fill-seal process better and eliminate defects.

The improved barrier properties of the sheet display each product with clarity and gloss, without polymer contamination and improving hygiene by using vacuum seals designed to enhance product appeal.

DPET’s advanced material properties make it possible to put packaging on the shelves with crystal-clear transparency that displays the contents well for longer periods in refrigerated displays.

Octal’s DPET sheet can be used to pack water cups and its other applications include packaging for baked goods, fresh produce, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products.