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Nordenia to introduce new NorShield protective packaging

German film manufacturer and converter Nordenia International is set to introduce its new NorShield packaging with specially embossed inner film. The company is presenting the new form of corrosion protection on the basis of a volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI).

According to Nordenia, the key feature of the newly-developed NorShield product is its make-up; the adhesive and the VCI mixture are covered by an outer and an inner film. The moisture-repellent outer film and the VCI unite to ensure protection.

Nordenia International product manager Sonja Reinke said the company’s previous NorShield solutions have been composites made from film, adhesive/VCI mixture, and non-woven fabric.

"Now, for the first time, we are presenting Nor®Shield with an especially embossed inner film that has an extremely high permeability to air and releases the active substance just as quickly as the trusted products," Reinke added.

All NorShield products of the company have been tested and considered good by the recognized VCI institutes in Germany, the Institut für Korrosionsschutz (IKS) Dresden and the BFSV eV Hamburg.