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NFU launches new campaign to clarify labeling on supermarket products

National Farmers Union (NFU) (England and Wales) launched a new campaign to clarify labeling on supermarket products which encourages the public to take photos of poor food labels/merchandising and upload them to Facebook.

The NFU’s ‘Flag It’ campaign follows a new research, which shows 83% of adults think the labeling of milk in cheese and butter should be clearer.

As part of the campaign, the NFU has worked closely with Tesco to ensure consumers receive clear information.

NFU director of corporate affairs Tom Hind said though major improvements have been made in labeling over the past few years, but there remain few examples where products labels are ambiguous and may confuse consumers whether they are buying British produce/not.

"We know that when the Red Tractor logo is on a product, consumers are confident that they are buying clearly labelled British produce, as the logo guarantees set standards and traceability back to a British farmgate," Hind said.

The idea behind the Flag It campaign is to get as many retailers as possible to ensure that labeling, especially on own-brand products, is very clear.