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NatureWorks unveils new polymer-grade lactide

Biobased lactides producer NatureWorks has announced the launch of a new polymer-grade lactide, Ingeo M700.

Ingeo M700 is claimed to be rich in meso-lactide and is expected to offer better packaging performance and functionality.

The new lactide can be used as a replacement of copolymers, amorphous resins, grafted substrates, resin additives and modifiers, adhesives, coatings, elastomers, printing toners, surfactants, thermosets and solvents.

NatureWorks lactide derivatives global segment leader Manuel Natal said a few producers have offered what is described chemically as racemic or ‘DL’ lactide.

"Compared to those lactides, Ingeo M700 is a next generation solution in terms of processing efficiency, cost effectiveness and, in a number of applications, higher end-product performance," Natal added.

According to the company, the Ingeo M700 has melting point of below 60°C, lower than that of the racemic lactide as well as L- and D-lactides.

The new lactide is said to be twice more susceptible to ring-opening reactions compared to L-, D- or racemic lactides and uses less catalyst, while offering lower reaction temperatures, faster reaction time and improved throughput.