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Multivac unveils pack inspection system for seal seam quality checking

Germany-based Multivac Marking & Inspection has announced the launch of its new inspection system, Multivac Vision System (MVS) seal seam scanner that helps to avoid product recalls and detect faulty packs prior to despatch.

The MVS checks the quality of seal seams in the thermoforming packaging machine itself. It allows the film and also the seal seam to be fed and held precisely in the packaging machine.

According to the company, the system, which is suitable for all film materials detects foreign bodies in the seal seam from a size as small as 0.5mm² and also detects incomplete seal seams or seal seam faults such as creases or bubbles.

The system has a scanning range of up to a width of 700mm and its rapid image processing ensures that there is a good level of throughput. It requires less space in the thermoforming packaging machine and can be retrofitted to existing machines easily.

Multivac said the system supports the traceability of packs, with an image archive of faulty products complete with time signature as well as a machine logbook. It’s operation is supported through the control terminal of the thermoforming packaging machine.

Functions including recipe management and pack traceability are integrated in the line-motion control of the packaging machine and the live or ‘not OK’ images are displayed in real time, by the new MVS system.