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Multivac to introduce DuPont’s food packaging film technology

Thermoform packaging machinery manufacturer Multivac will promote DuPont Teijin Films’ new packaging concept, MYLAR COOK material at the International Boston Seafood Show to be held from 10-12 March 2013.

The thermoformable film was developed for the preparation of food in the high temperature range up to 218°C, and food products such as fish and seafood may be cooked in a wide variety of ovens in its sealed package.

During the cooking process, the aromas, vitamins, minerals and inherent moisture of the product are retained. The seal seam of the pack opens by itself when a certain pressure is reached resulting in browning of the fish or seafood.

MYLAR COOK film was developed for the packaging of proteins such as fish, meat among others initially, and other areas of application such as packaging of baked goods have emerged since then.

The film is claimed to offer a better level of food safety to the users as cooks do not come into contact with the raw fish/seafood which minimizes the risk of cross contamination considerably. Its key packaging properties are leak-proof seals, as well as puncture resistance.