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Multisorb to showcase sorbent technology at CPhI and P-MEC India

Multisorb Technologies has announced it will be exhibiting at the CPhI & P-MEC India exhibition from December 3-5 at the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, India.

This proven program has helped countless manufacturers stabilize their pharmaceutical formulations with an optimized sorbent, saving them a considerable amount of time in the process.

Through consultation, Multisorb’s scientists will gather information concerning the pharmaceutical product’s characteristics, its shelf life expectations, its packaging materials and configuration, and the environmental conditions it will be exposed to during transport and storage.

With this information, Multisorb’s scientists will perform simulations of the environment inside the pharmaceutical packaging using its powerful and advanced technology, SimulSorb and SimulOx pseudo-empirical modeling software, which can predict the stability outcome for the drug product.

The modeling can successfully determine the drug product’s sorbent requirement, including a traditional desiccant or oxygen absorber, an intelligent sorbent (IntelliSorb formulation), or no sorbent. This predictive model can eliminate sorbent ranging studies, saving 6-12 months of development time.

Occurring in tandem with the determination of the correct sorbent formulation, the sorbent platform (packet, canister, etc.) is also determined. Multisorb’s traditional sorbents and IntelliSorb formulations are available in Drop-In, Fit-In and Built-In formats.

Drop-In sorbent formats include packets or canisters and are placed directly into the product packaging. Unlike Drop-In solutions, Fit-in solutions do not intermingle directly with the pharmaceutical product but instead are affixed within the packaging or pharmaceutical device.

These include self-adhesive sorbents or coated, compressed sorbents that fit securely into a cap or available space within a device. Built-In sorbents are thermoformed device components with sorbent incorporated into the pharmaceutical device or packaging material, providing invisible but highly effective sorbent protection.

Once the formulation and platform are determined, the final stage of the Calculations through Operations program, when Drop-In sorbents are preferred, is delivery of the sorbent into the product packaging. Multisorb packets and canisters are components of complete systems. Each is paired with its corresponding dispenser that has been specifically engineered to form a tightly integrated system with the sorbent, driving improved efficiency and reliability on the packaging line.

One of Multisorb’s most popular and widely used systems, the StripPax System, will be available for viewing at its stand. Compact StripPax Sorbents Packets with high moisture and volatile adsorbing capacity are combined with its corresponding StripPax Dispenser – available with many options to customize it to your packaging line needs.

One of the many StripPax Dispenser interface options available, and the one which Multisorb will be demonstrating in our stand, is the APA-2000 StripPax Dispenser with a bottling line interface.

The APA-2000 is high-speed, automated StripPax Packet dispenser is capable of dispensing rates up to 300 packets per minute, giving it the ability to keep up with the fastest packaging line speeds.

Constructed with the highest quality sensors, drive mechanisms, and cutters, the APA-2000 offers exceptional durability and provides the highest level of performance. Other interface options can be chosen to make the dispensers compatible with an array of packaging line configurations, including horizontal flow wrappers, VFFS, thermoformed pouching, and other layouts.