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Mondi recognized by WWF for transparency in disclosing ecological foot

International packaging and paper group Mondi is again recognized by WWF for leadership in transparency, participating in the Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI) 2013.

Twenty five out of an invited seventy companies took the opportunity to demonstrate their transparency through participation in this year’s WWF EPCI. These twenty five companies, voluntarily disclosing data on their ecological footprint, together produce 28% of the world’s graphic paper and 29% of the world’s newsprint. Mondi has participated in the EPCI since its inception in 2010, when Mondi was one of only five companies to have responded to WWF’s invitation.

"The increasing number of participants in this year’s Environmental Paper Company Index is testament to the growing importance of transparency and responsible business practice for the industry. Customers are placing increased emphasis on their suppliers to manage their entire supply chain in a responsible and sustainable way," said John Lindahl, Group Technical Director of Mondi.

The EPCI is one of WWF´s key tools to promote transparency and motivate continual improvement in the paper manufacturing sector. The Index is not a public comparison or a ranking of participating companies. Instead it is an index that recognizes and credits companies for their leadership in transparency in voluntarily disclosing their ecological footprint.

The EPCI method looks at environmental aspects of a company’s policies and targets, as well as the environmental performance of the overall production of a specific product category (newsprint, graphic paper, packaging paper and boards, pulp). It includes the environmental performance from a company’s own pulp and paper production, as well as performance of market pulp purchased.