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Modern Introduces New Plastic Materials For Food, Beverage Industry

Modern Plastics has launched a new line of plastic product materials for the food and beverage industry. The new portfolio of plastics includes: Tecaform AH ID, Tygon Beverage Tubing and King Cutting Colors.

The company claims that these products are FDA Approved and meet other food and beverage call-out standards.

The company said that Tecaform AH ID is a new metal detecting acetal plastic material to be used in the manufacture of machines for food processing, and claims that it provides security in food processing. Fields of applications include production of meat, sausages, fruit juices, pasta, pastries – also, food packaging and pharmaceuticals packaging. A typical application of Tecaform AH ID would be a wiper blade for food processing.

The manufacturer further claims that Tecaform AH ID is FDA-compliant (and 2002/72/EC) and is chemical-resistant for typical food applications and cleaning agents such as POM-C.

Tygon Beverage Tubing comes in two formulations: Formulation B-44-3, which is used flexible tubing and is specially formulated for transferring a range of beverages, including soft drinks, fruit juices, flavored teas and bottled water; and Tygon Pressure Formulation B-44-4X I.B, which handles four times the pressure of non-reinforced tubing. Typical applications include cosmetic production, food and dairy processing, beverage dispensing, water purification systems, coolant lines and instrumentation and air supply.

The company also claims that Tygon Beverage Tubing will not affect the taste or odor of product transferred through it, while its non-wetting properties support in complete drainage and permit simple flush-cleaning, and also meets FDA, 3-A and NSF criteria.

The company said that King Cutting Colors is a NSF-certified family of color-coded cutting board sheets in five different industry standard colors to protect from cross-contamination, and is available in large sheets that can be cut to fit most countertops. The company claims that bacteria, odors and cleaning fluids are completely washed off. The product comes in various colors, wherein blue is for seafood, yellow for raw poultry, green for vegetables, tan for cooked meats, and red for red meat.

Bing Carbone, president of Modern Plastics, said: Modern Plastics offers a complete line of specialty plastic materials used in the manufacture of food processing equipment and for the actual food and beverage processing. Modern Plastics has become known to the industry for the vast array of problem-solving plastic material solutions for the food and beverage industry.