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MMC Depot announces new glass jars for medical marijuana dispensary

A US-based packaging specialist MMC Depot has announced that the company has added many new products to the selection of glass jars within their available range to the medical marijuana dispensary industry.

The company claims its new glass jars have been designed to meet a range of applications and ensure that marijuana dispensary owners have access to the selections of medical marijuana storage and sales containers.

Among the latest product addition is the 1-gallon Heritage Jar, an exceptionally durable crystal-clear glass which allows clear inside view without taking the product out.
It is designed to securely store a wide variety of medicinal marijuana products.

The fabrication is dishwasher-safe and will not break as easily as other similar models.
Another latest glass jar is square glass stackable containers that are easy-to-stack modular containers, which come with a lift-off lid that provides quick access to contents for quick sales.